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Active Motion Chiropractic is an Omaha Chiropractic office that specializes in treating joint, nerve, and muscle conditions. Hundreds of others have chosen and trusted our treatment center to relieve their back pains and joint conditions.  Why is joint pain such a serious condition?
  • Research indicates over half of all working adults will suffer from back pain symptoms every year. (6)
  • Back pain is the most common reason for missed work. (6)
  • Most common back pain is caused by misalignments and poor joint motion rather than organic pathologies like cancer, infection, or fractures. (6)
  • Acute back and neck pain that is not treated early may end up becoming chronic and lead to surgery. (5)
As an Omaha Chiropractor growing up in Millard, I know that you deserve a pain relief choice that doesn’t require drugs or surgery. I also know you want to fix the true cause of the problem quickly and cost effectively. How can I meet your needs?
  • A current cost comparison shows chiropractic care can save you 40% over traditional medical care. (4)
  • There are multiple articles that indicate chiropractic care has a higher satisfaction rate in both treatments performed and patient relations. (3,1,2))
  • You have the best chance to avoid disability choosing an omaha chiropractic treatment versus other health care providers. (5)
  • Unlike other treatments that can cover up the cause of back pain creating a future chronic condition, Chiropractic is a superior and more effective treatment for the cause of your symptoms. Chiropractic will also prevent them from reoccurring.
Chiropractic Techniques
I’ve learned multiple techniques to provide the most effective care possible.  Many of these Chiropractic techniques are used on players in the NFL, NBA, NHL, to speed up recovery time and prevent future injuries.  Please see our page on sports performance for more information about these Chiropractic techniques.
Chiropractic Myths
It has come to my attention that some people are hesitant to go to an Omaha Chiropractor because they do not have experience with one.  There are many myths that go around the public.  Here are a few.
       Chiropractors and Medical Doctors don’t get along
 It is true some Omaha Medical Doctors are not informed on how chiropractic works and the extensive education Chiropractors receive. Yet, I enjoy working with other Omaha Medical Doctors and we treat many M.D.’s.

      Chiropractic is not based on science.
Chiropractic has years of research to back up the importance of joint biomechanics and how the body should best transfer forces most effectively.  All techniques used in my office are evidence based.  I pride myself on keeping up with new and current research as it comes out.
      Physical Therapy or Massage Therapy will do the same thing.
 A chiropractic adjustment is unique therapy that is not found in other massage and physical therapy offices in Nebraska. Chiropractors adjust the joints that help align and repair normal joint function.  Chiropractors are also trained in diagnostics and imaging so you do not need a referral to be treated.  A chiropractor may refer you to a physical therapist or massage therapist if it is beneficial.
      Once you see a chiropractor you always have to go back.
A Chiropractic adjustment is a unique therapy not found in massage and physical therapy offices in Nebraska.  A Chiropractic adjustment is a fast and effective method to relieve pain and restore mobility and function.  Chiropractic can also work well after the pain has gone away as a preventative therapy.  Many of my patients choose to have their spines checked up and adjusted on a regular schedule so that they keep good joint alignment. This will in turn prevent future chronic conditions.  This is equivalent to having a Dentist clean your teeth.  Wellness care with Chiropractic Adjustments are not required by our patients, but may it be recommended on an individual basis.
       Chiropractic is only for adults.
Most back pain and joint conditions are not due to old age.  This means that even children may require an adjustment.  Having an Omaha chiropractor check your children’s spine on a regular basis will help them prevent simple conditions that can become chronic later in life.  It will also ensure they develop a healthy spine.  Unlike teeth, we all have one spine and it’s important to take care of it from birth. When was the last time a professional evaluate your joint function?
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