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Sports Performance

Athletes are constantly demanding the most out of their bodies.  When an athlete pushes too hard, an injury will occur. It may be serious like an ACL injury, or a sprain/strain type injury.
Omaha athletes choose Active Motion Chiropractic because we are able to help you recover from sports injuries before they need surgical intervention.
Many athletes are happy to find out that chiropractic can also help them perform better by keeping their joints, muscles, and nervous system in balance helping them to create a more effective athletic performances.  Race cars perform better with a well tuned engine and suspension.  The same applies for your body.
Our office has multiple techniques to address all your sports concerns.  We can treat your sore muscles, joints, and also help you recondition that old football injury.  Our focus is allowing you to keep you active so you stay in the game.
Here are some other athletes who make chiropractic part of their team.
All NFL teams!